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Smart Power & Power Magic Pro install

We inform the notice for installation of Power Magic & Power Magic Pro.
Please refer to the below, once you install it to your vehilcle.
<Power Magic & Power Magic Pro installation note>
1. Yellow wire connection
If the vehicle has vattery saver, connect the yellow wire BATT(+) to emergency light. (Note 1)
2. Red wire connection
please connect after checking that cigar lighter or audio fuse is ACC(+). (Note 2)
3. Multi-booting switch of Power Magic Pro 
Please install the main body within driver's reach for controlling the switch.
4. Other : Car care during winter season
Battery performance is markedly decreased in winter season.
Although the Power Magic(Power Magic Pro) normally works, earlier discharge could be occurs according to the vehicle status.
Note 1
Battery saver function and Yellow wire
Battery Saver is the function for preventing the vehicle's discharge. Vehicles that released recently built-in this function.
It turns off automatically all device in vehicle after turning the engine off.
Please connect the Yellow wire BATT(+) to emergency light(Do not connect it to taillight and courtesy light) 
Parking recording can't be executed accoring to the careless installing. 
Note 2
Audio fuse and Red wire
If your vehicle has 2 audio fuses(ACC fuse, BATT fuse) , after checing that cigar lighter or audio fuse is ACC(+) then connect the red wire(ACC(+)) of Power Magic.
In case the red wire is connected to wrong places, timer function does not work and multi-booting switch does not work as well. 
Blackvue/TTW does not have any responsibility occured by customer's mistake and careless connecting. Website is owned by TTW Partners Limited (C) 2003-2015
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