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BlackVue FAQ's

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What is BlackVue size?

The Blackvue DR300 and DR400 range is 101.4mm x 32.0mm

How to play a recorded file

BlackVue recordings are saved in MP4 format so that you can easily play the recorded files using a general video player (PC, smart phone or navigation) without file format conversion.

What is Power Magic Pro

Power Magic is a device that supplies power to BlackVue from car battery according to the configured voltage or the configured timer to prevent the battery of the vehicle being discharged.

Installation location for BlackVue

attach the BlackVue to a windshield of your car using double-sided tape

How to connect the power if cigar socket is not

Please use the multi cigar socket.(Purchase separately)

How long does it have warranty period?

The warranty of BlackVue is 1 year from the purchase date. The warranty period for accessories such as the battery and Micro SD card : 6 months

What is view angle?

View angle is about 121°. BlackVue records three-lane road

How long does it record? Blackvue DR400G HD

blackvue HD sd card recording times

Does the angle automatically rotate 360°

Main body is manually rotated 360°. It records vehicle's interior.
User can install it to vehicle rear window, and it records rear shot as well.

How to connect the power?

Please connect the cigar jack to cigar socket. Website is owned by TTW Partners Limited (C) 2003-2015
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